Our Committee

Our Committee is run by local volunteers who are all passionate about the Cottage Garden Society and what it stands for.


Steve Jones

CHAIRman & Publicity

The role of the Chairperson is to oversee the business of the meeting and to keep order among members.  They have overall control, giving direction, keeping focus and giving structure.  Their ultimate responsibility is to take decisions on behalf of the committee following consultation with its members.


Andrea Heath/Mary Holland

Joint secretaries

The role of the Secretary is to support the Chair in ensuring the smooth functioning of the Management Committee. In summary, the Secretary is responsible for: Ensuring meetings are effectively organised and minuted. Maintaining effective records and administration.


Valerie Harman


The Treasurer has a watchdog role over all aspects of financial management, working closely with other members of the committee to safeguard the society's finances. 


Steve jones

Media Coordinator

The Media Coordinator designs and implements social media and Internet-based promotional campaigns for the regional group.

Research audience preferences and discover current trends. Train committee members how to use social media in a cohesive and beneficial way·       



Volunteers Welcome